Elbow Portable Cassette Tape Player

Anyone old enough to remember cassette tapes certainly remembers the bulky cassette players that came with them. Back then, the term “portable” was thrown around a little more loosely than it is today. Whatever the case, these cumbersome and unsightly players were a bit of a hassle to handle and store on the go and it’s those memories that also sparked the need for a more mobile and modern manner to enjoy an aging collection of cassette tapes. Meet the Elbow.

Working to strip away all the mechanical parts of antiquated cassette players, Elbow is a sleek and minimal player that uses a bi-axial arm that rotates in two directions allowing you to insert the cassette and switch the playback direction. Also, the control wheel boasts tripartite functionality controlling playback, volume, and fast forwarding. Elbow also comes equipped with two connections: a 3.5mm standard audio plug and a mini-USB port that both charges and transfers audio from your cassette to a computer while a small pin located on the back lid allows you to easily attach the piece to an article of clothing or backpack.

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