Elan’s Voyager Skis Feature A First-Ever Functional 4-Axis Folding Design

While there’s no denying the performance improvements that can be had with buying your own skis, doing so comes with one important caveat: transport. Because let’s face it. No matter if you’re flying across the country or just driving to your local hill, lugging a bulky gear bag around is an inconvenience on the best of days and an absolute nightmare on the worst of them.

Well, at least it used to be — until Elan announced an innovative new set of skis it’s calling the Voyager. Designed to pack down into a bag half their size, they feature an industry-first four-axis folding design. In practice, this means that once they’re snapped together, they should be just as responsive to ride as any traditional set of all-mountain skis, capable on every terrain from gentle bunny slopes to lumpy mogul gardens. Available in three different colors and sizes, they come with their own set of EMX 12.0 GW bindings. You can buy them from Elan for about $1,570 per pair today.

Purchase: $1,570