Elago W3 Nightstand For Apple Watch

Nostalgia can serve as a powerful motivation tool, so much so in fact that we create and purchase products that seem to rehash childhood memories. Take this Elago W3 Nightstand for instance. On the surface, it’s simply a silicone piece devised to protect your Apple Watch, but slide your prized piece of tech into the stand for the night, and the display suddenly mimics that of a retro Macintosh computer.

If you look closely, the slot for those old floppy disks is even carved out as well. It’s made from scratch-free silicone that will prevent damage to your Apple Watch and from moving around on the surface at night. Additionally, the Elago W3 works with all Apple Watch Series and is compatible with Apple Watch Nightstand Mode. There’s also a convenient slot for your charger as well, as to ensure the device remains charged and the alarm on time come morning. So go ahead, take a trip down memory lane. I mean, for $15 you really have nothing to lose. [Purchase]