Cobra RX Adder Tactical Repeating Crossbow

One of the baddest vampire annihilators in cinema history is the crossbow, which was featured in the Quentin Tarantino scripted From Dusk Til Dawn in pump-action form and made real by Joerg Sprave. Using a Sprave system, EK Archery’s Cobra RX Adder Tactical Repeating Crossbow is a blood-sucker vanquisher with functionality that’s as lethal as it looks.

Arguably the first tactical crossbow manufactured commercially, the Cobra RX Adder does look the part with its Picatinny rails, red dot sight, foregrip, quick detachable sling shoulder mount, AR-15-inspired adjustable stock, and a top-load magazine capable of holding up to 5 EK carbon bolts. You can load the next 7.5-inch carbon bolt by cocking the crossbow from the bottom just like a repeating rifle. With a 130-pound draw weight, the tactical crossbow can blast a bolt at 270 fps, which is 40 fps faster than the Cobra System RX model. You can expect this weapon to hit shelves this summer for $396.

Purchase: $396