Egoe Nestbox Van Camping Kit

Shelling out loads of cash for a brand new camper probably isn’t in your budget after all the holiday shopping. However, if you’re itching to spend more time outdoors, the Nestbox is just what you need to turn your vehicle into a camp-capable backcountry cruiser.

The Nestbox can be inserted easily into the trunk of your vehicle in just five minutes. It provides you with convenient compartments for water, cookers, and a fridge, as well as two drawers and textile bags. It comes with a sleeping grate and hydrophobic mattress, two cooker heads, and your choice of a water module canister or an integrated submersible pump. You can choose from three variations of the Nestbox: the medium version called the Tripper, the off-road Supertramp model, and the largest version dubbed the Roamer. The Nestbox is compatible with a variety of vehicles, including the Ford Transit Custom, Volkswagen T6, Peugeot Traveller, and more.

Purchase: $3,410+