Ego Catamaran Superyacht

All Images: Giamboi Designs

Looking for an aptly named yacht to satisfy both your luxurious needs and sense of self? The Ego may be calling your name. Designed by Mauro Giamboi of Giamboi Designs, this catamaran superyacht could very well by the most opulent seafaring vessel of its kind. It’s also what you’d expect from a designer who’s won multiple awards in the world of architecture and yacht design.

The goal here was to allow for as much deck space as possible in a unique layout. Giamboi’s solution then was to design a three-deck catamaran along with four guest cabins and enough living space and amenities to accommodate up to six crew members in order to keep everything running smoothly. It features two separate bows made from aluminum and composites that can actually connect and increases deck space during downtimes. The EGO also boasts a cruising speed of 22 knots and actually hosts a hydro-jet as well that gets the luxurious yacht hitting speeds of 25 knots if necessary. Naturally, it’s customizable to the buyer’s wants and needs as well. Dare to dream.