Eero Wi-Fi System

The necessary-but-annoying factor is truly off the charts when it comes to setting up and maintaining and quality Wi-Fi in the home. A new startup, eero, promises to transform this process forever. They have our ears.

Billing itself as “the world’s first Wi-Fi system,” eero intends to blanket your home in fast and reliable internet access. A set of three (currently going for $299) pucks should cover most homes, as each unit works in unison with the others to deliver blazing fast speeds all over. You can set up (in 60 seconds) and manage your network easily from your phone, guests can join with a simple tap on their invite, and if there’s ever a problem, eero promises to fix itself, unlike that pesky wireless router you’re currently using. If the performance can match the slick white design, they may have something here. [Purchase]

Eero Wi-Fi System 2

Eero Wi-Fi System 3