Eero Home WiFi System

Complaints about WiFi are nearly as ubiquitous as the technology itself. Whether it’s service providers not delivering what they promised, or issues with your router, it can be crazy-making to have issues trying to connect with your network. Eero has set out to take on the challenge of weak WiFi networks, and according to more than one tech-reviewer, they’ve passed with flying colors.

The specific issues these little gadgets help with is slow and shaky networks. WiFi routers transfer data at a rate of around 5.0 Ghz, but the problem is that the higher the frequency the shorter they can travel. Eero’s answer is more access points. Taking a cue from the configuration most offices use – setting up a series of routers laid out throughout their buildings to keep you connected – the company has designed a mesh network that’s at the same time effective and user friendly. The setup on these is pretty straightforward, meaning you don’t have to be an IT geek to make it work. You first plug one Eero into your modem and the app will help you strategically place the others throughout your home. Once you have them set up, they’ll blanket your home in super fast Wifi just like that. Pick up a pack of three for $500. [Purchase]

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