Eddie Bauer Turns 100-Years-Old With An Iconic ‘Centennial Collection’

Eddie Bauer is celebrating 100 years of prominence this season, and the company is more than proud of its heritage as one of the space’s premier outdoor clothing manufacturers. To stoke the fires of creativity, inspire customers to head outdoors, and provide its wearers with an unprecedented connection to their surroundings, the brand has revealed the technical-but-stylish Centennial Collection.

The Centennial Collection is an expansive addition to the brand’s existing catalog, but it doesn’t mimic many of Bauer’s progenitive styles. Instead, it elaborates on their understated presence, amplifying iconic examples through the implementation of cutting-edge technologies, materials, and designs. The Microtherm 1000, for example, is a classic piece of the Bauer outdoor line. In 1957, the original model came to fruition as a down-filled “undershirt,” of all things. Now, the brand has revitalized it for the modern consumer, introducing a 1000-fill RDS down, cutting its weight, and providing a packable silhouette that’s as compact as they come. The iconic garment is joined by a variety of Evertherm parkas, Skyliner jackets, sweaters, and Convertible Rain models, rounding out the collection with clean, stylish linework, understated branding, and waterproof, breathable technologies. While specific examples from the Centennial Collection were already released earlier in the year, its remaining styles are slated to launch via Eddie Bauer’s website on October 4th.

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