EDC Pocket Bolt Pen

Way back in 1975, Business Week magazine predicted that in just a short period of time we’d be living in a world in which offices could operate completely without paper. Now, over forty years later, despite having faster computers and even more screens in our life – the pen and paper is not only as important as it’s ever been – they are still being improved on by folks like the California based company Blank Forces.

Their EDC Pocket Bolt Pens are built to be the perfect addition to your everyday arsenal – designed to stay closed no matter how you’re carrying them. Whether in your pocket, on a keychain, or on your pack, the spring loaded bolt locking mechanism makes it so you’ll never accidentally spill some ink. Each pen comes with this bolt mechanism and measures in at just around 4 inches in length. The pen itself comes in three different designs; a keychain version, a pocket version, and a pocket clip version. Each of the aforementioned designs can then be assembled in a variety of combinations of brass and stainless steel – and can even have measurements laser engraved on the pen. Prices for these are starting at $44. [Purchase]

Pocket Bolt Pen 1

Pocket Bolt Pen 2