EDC Keychain Pen

In the world of smartphones and tablets, keeping a physical pen on you is becoming more and more of an afterthought when leaving the house. We hardly ever think about needing one until it’s too late and we’re forced to ask a stranger or post office worker to borrow one. Well, now you can say so long to those days of discomfort with the Everyday Carry Keychain Pen by TT PockeTTools.

Each pen is just .35 inches in diameter and 3.25-inches in length when closed, making the item ideal for carrying around without noticing its existence until the need presents itself. They come in a few options ranging from machined copper, brass, or aluminum depending on your preference and style. The goals here are discretion and utility. Each pen is equipped with a Fisher Space Pen ink cartridge, meaning they’re durable, reliable, and can be used to write in space; just in case you ever find yourself in that situation. Prices start at $40 on Kickstarter. [Purchase]