Ecurie Ecosse Is Building 7 Stunning Jaguar C-Type Continuation Cars

In 1952, Scotland’s national race team, Ecurie Ecosse received the first of seven Jaguar C-Type racers that it would use to campaign in high-level motorsport competition around Europe. Achieving podium finishes in a whopping 59 events, the C-Type was an objectively cutting-edge machine upon its release and remains an icon today, more than seven decades after its debut. To celebrate this illustrious chapter in the Scottish outfit’s history, Ecurie Ecosse is hand-building seven continuation sister cars to the team’s seven original C-Type race cars known as the “LM-C.”

The LM-C is built around a modernized, laser-cut steel space-frame chassis that’s been welded entirely by hand and cloaked in hand-worked thin-gauge aluminum-alloy bodywork. At the heart of each car is a period-correct straight-six XK engine that’s been bored out to 4.2-liters, fitted with fuel injection, tuned to make an even 300hp, and paired with a more contemporary five-speed transmission. The suspension and braking gear have also been upgraded to better accommodate the LM-C’s increased power and top speed. The interior has been gifted aluminum bucket seats upholstered in blue leather, Tag Heuer ‘Master Time’ stopwatches embedded into the dash, and a bespoke Moto-Lita wood-rimmed steering wheel. To learn more about the project you can visit the Ecurie Ecosse website linked below.

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