The Hand-Built LM69 Tribute Honors Jaguar’s XJ13 Prototype

The automotive world is home to a bevy of mankind’s greatest stories — from tumultuous relationships between designers and their companies all the way to competitive underpinnings that would make history’s most influential sportswriters sour with envy. In 1966, Jaguar hastily introduced the XJ13 prototype, a V12 powerhouse that was meant to challenge the likes of Porsche, Ferrari, and Ford in the quest for the throne at Le Mans. Unfortunately, it would never find its way to the track.

Now, to honor the company’s exquisite vehicle, a small European outfit by the name of Ecurie Ecosse has created the LM69 — a tribute to one of history’s most anticipated platforms. In an effort to elaborate on “what could have been,” the Ecurie Ecosse LM69 debuts with a number of the XJ13’s original attributes — including a chassis, peripherals, and components that meet 1969’s FIA homologation requirements, which were created to standardize contemporary race platforms during the era. A quad-cam V12 engine — available in both a 5.0 and 5.3-liter version, as well as a larger 7.3-liter variant — serves to power the classic. With only 25 examples slated for release, the hand-built LM69 is surely a modern automotive collector’s dream. So, if you’re looking to procure your very own homage to Jaguar’s prestigious prototype, head to Ecurie Ecosse’s website for inquiry.

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