Bringing Brutalist Design To Mexico’s Sierra Madre Mountains

Apr 30, 2019

Category: Living

Mid-century Brutalism has been carefully implemented within a number of today’s most astonishing dwellings, and it’s certainly become clear that geographic location is no longer an inhibitor for architecture’s greatest styles. The Ecoscopic House serves to remind us of that — bringing staunch, angular design, a minimalist concrete facade, and a polarizing aesthetic to Mexico’s Sierra Madre mountains.

The Ecoscopic House serves as a gatekeeper, striking a subtle balance between the South American city of Monterrey and its surrounding ecosystem. In essence, the home has become a product of its host — geometric solar access tests, the study of the sun, an understanding of the region’s prevailing winds, and an appreciation for the native species’ movement patterns have all helped to develop Manolo Ufer’s most recent project. Inside, 7,000 square feet of polished concrete define the home’s tri-story layout, establishing a lush interior garden (and socialization area) that caters to the owner’s eclectic tastes. Expansive windows line the dwelling’s exterior, providing exemplary sightlines of the Sierra Madre mountains, while on the home’s opposing end, terraced overhangs illustrate serene, cliff-like living. Additional areas include a home theatre, three individual bedrooms, and an outdoor bathing/showering area organized around the patio.

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