EcoFlow River Bank Modular Power Station

With more and more of our gear going digital, it’s becoming quite difficult to make sure that everything has enough juice day-in and day-out – especially when traveling a lot. Lucky for us, the folks at EcoFlow have come up with a brilliant solution in their River Bank modular portable power station.

Let’s start with an overwhelmingly cool fact: this is the most powerful power bank you can legally travel with (meaning it’s TSA-compliant). This is thanks to the fact that it actually comes in 3 separate parts: a main component with 2 USB-C and USB-A ports, an AC unit with 1 USB-C port and 1 100-watt AC port, and a car charge module with 1 USB-C port and a jumpstart module. You read that right, this power pack has enough juice to jump-start a car. It can also charge a laptop four times, camera batteries 18-20 times, and your phone 18-30 times. Oh yeah, and it can be charged up with any conventional means – including by solar panel. Honestly, this might be the best portable power solution ever created. It’s on IndieGoGo now starting at $390 for the full kit or $99 for a standalone module.

IndieGoGo: $99+