Echo1 M134 Airsoft MiniGun

Are mousetraps, Raid, and the Orkin man not getting the job done in your home? Maybe it’s time to take matters into your own trigger-happy hands. The Echo1 M134 Airsoft BB Machine Gun packs a whole mess of power, including two barrels that’ll deliver a bevy of BBs at your household pest (or ex-friend as he runs down the driveway) with a velocity rate of 390 feet per second.

There are two different sets of barrels here (21″ and 13.5″), and the Gatling-style rotations will likely add fuel to your raccoon-hunting rage. The M134 holds 1700 rounds, and even with an integrated carry handle, the solid CNC metal construction and 35 lb. weight mean you’ll need to strap up before you go gunning for Willard. And you should definitely upload that footage of you spraying BBs all over your kitchen to YouTube as well. [Purchase]