Walt Siegl Unveils A Board Track Racer-Inspired All-Electric Motorcycle Concept

Photos: Gregory George Moore

After previously debuting its first-ever all-electric custom build series with its Alta Redshift-based “PACT,” Walt Siegl Motorcycles has now pulled the cover off of its second proton-powered project in the form of an unnamed EV WSM concept bike.

Resembling a modern-day board-track racer, the concept is built around a small-diameter Chromoly tube chassis with steel reinforcements at key stress areas, a carbon fiber veneer, and thin aluminum bodywork pieces held via quick-release DZUS fasteners. Powering the WSM concept is a custom powertrain comprised of off-the-shelf parts with a 3,000W motor from Chinese off-road EV outfit, Sur-Ron, a WSM-programmed sine-wave controller, and a 65V Panasonic battery pack. Other interesting details include a carbon fiber seat pan capped off with an Alcantara saddle, shortened DNM forks with upgraded internals now slotted in bespoke WSM triples, a DNM shock, a custom aluminum swing-arm, 19” Segway wheels, Segway instrumentation, LSL clip-ons, and a Luna Cycle parts wiring harness. The abundant use of lightweight electric bike parts also allows the WSM concept to tip the scales at around 100lbs – a wildly impressive figure, especially when you consider the heft of the battery pack. To learn more about the project you can check out WSM’s website linked below.

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