Yuri Suzuki’s Easy Record Maker Lets You Engrave Your Own Vinyl Albums

Making mixtapes for friends and family has always been an important part of human connection, at least for full-fledged music fans. That being said, the age of vinyl has been revived by a generation that recognizes the allure of tangible keepsakes, meaning that the traditions of burning CDs and recording onto cassettes might be usurped by their forerunner sometime in the near future. Sooner rather than later, apparently, thanks to Yuri Suzuki’s Easy Record Maker.

The London-based designer has devised a way to cut your own records thanks to a proprietary design that utilizes the vibrations caused by soundwaves, manipulating a cutting arm that can engrave blank plastics up to four times within a single millimeter. All you need is a five-to-seven-inch record, a smartphone or digital music player, and an auxiliary cable. After plugging the device into the aptly-named Easy Record Maker, you’ll be able to play your favorite songs which, in turn, will be etched into the blank in under four minutes. The device is currently available via Gakken in Japan, with U.S. and U.K. releases arriving in the coming months.

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