EarthCruiser GZL Pop-Up Truck Camper

There’s really no greater thrill than abandoning the burbs for a weekend under the stars in the backcountry. And thanks to EarthCruiser, any ordinary pickup truck can now be easily converted into a strategic overland vehicle for such extended excursions.

Dubbed the EarthCruiser GZL, this pop-up truck camper is built to fit light-to-medium duty truck beds and can comfortably withstand harsh four-season weather conditions with ease. Standard features include roof-mounted solar panels, a 90 amp house battery, propane cooktop, stand-up shower, queen-sized bed, 22-gallon fresh water tank, 600-watt power inverter, and pop-up roof allowing for a 6.9-ft ceiling. For those looking for a little something extra, you can opt for additional add-ons including an expandable dining table, Bluetooth stereo, and camper jacks for good measure. Available in early 2019.

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