EARTH Immersive AR Experience

It takes 24 hours for the Earth to make a single rotation, but it took this Kickstarter just two hours to round up its goal of $30,000 – and for good reason. Users have the opportunity to span the entire globe, venturing wherever they choose, with just a touch of a button. Explore the globe in the palm of your hand with the EARTH Immersive AR experience.

Together with your virtual guide, aptly named “Gaea” – the Greek goddess of Earth – you can trot the globe, simply by pointing your phone camera at a 3D model, and choosing whatever location you desire. Packed with countless data points, the EARTH hand-held globe and corresponding app offers the ability to learn about the sites you explore, from the environmental conditions and wildlife presence, to the geological formations and meteorological patterns and more. You can also view large-scale patterns of things like migration, and Carbon Dioxide presence over time. The complex visualizations and rich history comprise a world of information, all packed into a softball sized globe.

Purchase: $199