‘Earth 300’ Is An Atomic Superyacht Built For Billionaires & Climate Scientists

Scientists are responsible for improving the world we live in, but they’re generally less-revered than the Kardashians. But a new superyacht called Earth 300 is looking to change that by putting scientists on a pedestal… or, rather, in an orb.

The idea behind Earth 300 is to create a vessel with such an iconic design that the world’s wealthiest people will jump over each other at the chance to experience it. These billionaire ecotourists will in turn fund Earth 300’s actual mission of conducting scientific research on a grand scale, with lofty goals of solving some of the planet’s biggest problems, like global warming. The 300-meter ship houses 22 laboratories boasting state-of-the-art equipment, including the high seas’ first quantum computer. 160 scientists will be on board, mostly operating within the otherworldly 13-story Science Sphere. The ship is powered by a new type of zero-emission nuclear generator called a Molten Salt Reactor, and it will be the first such vehicle to be powered by such a device. A giant ship with an ominous orb that’s powered by a new form of nuclear energy and that houses a bunch of scientists and billionaires seems destined to run afoul of James Bond, so we’ll have to see if Earth 300 is involved in any global domination plots when it embarks for Antarctica in 2025.

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