Earnest K-Canvas Tasker Motorcycle Pants

One of the best things to happen in the past few years has been the proliferation of riding pants cut to look and wear like everyday apparel. It’s a genius way of getting to both dress how you’d like while still riding safe. One of our favorite newcomers? Earnest’s K-Canvas Tasker Motorcycle Pants.

These pants use a special proprietary blend of cotton canvas with Dupont Kevlar (52 and 48-percent respectively) to provide unparalleled protection along with a classic work-pant style. And thanks to that high-strength fabric, these pants can withstand a 4.39 second slide time on pavement and easily passed the EN17092 Certification Standard. More than just being able to protect riders from road-rash, the Tasker K-Canvas pants have all the utility of a pair of work pants. They feature reinforced layers on the front of the leg, as well as extra deep pockets and a tool pocket on the front right thigh. A solid pick all around.

Purchase: $250