Earin: World’s Smallest Wireless Earbuds

If you’ve been wondering about the mysteries of life – why the sky is blue, where babies come from, and where all the good-sounding wireless earbuds are – we’re right there with you. While we’re still Googling the first two topics, we have good news on that last one.

Earin promises to be the smallest wireless earbuds available on the market. This is two earbuds that together function as one Bluetooth headphone, so there are no wires at all to tangle with. The makers also say that despite the lack of wires, Earin will provide high quality audio, thanks in large part to the balanced armature speakers inside that provide extended response in the low end and vastly improved high frequency response. The buds also come with a nifty combination charging/storing capsule. [Purchase]

Earin Wireless Earbuds 2

Earin Wireless Earbuds 3