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E-Racer Turns Zero’s Electric FXS Into An Armored High-Speed Recon Moto

Lacking the roar of a petrol-powered engine, electric motorcycles can be extremely-conducive to stealth military missions with their ample torque, sealed powertrains, and whisper-quite performance. The vast majority of the existing electrics on the market, however, were engineered for commuting and some light on/off-road riding, and don’t possess the raw military-grade fortification or construction needed to thrive on the most exacting terrains. Italian ebike outfit, E-Racer’s ‘Rugged’ takes today’s most popular electric dual-sport model and transforms it into a combat-ready, air-drop-capable reconnaissance runner.

Weighing in at just under 300lbs, the Rugged is based on the Zero FXS and features its Z-Force motor and 7.2kWh battery pack. The Italian military-style moto boasts a bespoke structural aluminum square-stock chassis and subframe with integrated lift-hooks, as well as custom kevlar and carbon fiber bodywork adorned in ultra-hardwearing Line-X ballistic armor coating. Guiding the way is a triple Poliessoidal LED Highsider headlight supplemented by 12 Eagle Eye LED perimeter lights and illuminated ‘Rugged’ badges. A 3D-printed nylon and Alcantara MX-style saddle rests on a hinged seat-pan that lifts to reveal the charging port. Other highlights include bespoke Barkbusters, skid-plate, and Showa suspension which is ballistic tape-wrapped up front and paired with an AirTender kit out back. Offering an 85mph top-speed and 100-mile range, this trick conversion kit starts at $6,640 (not including the FXS).

Purchase: $6,640+