Dystopia Playing Cards

Walk into nearly any building with a deck of cards and you’re likely going to find someone who knows how to play a game or two. And that’s because they are such a versatile world-renowned equalizer. Everyone enjoys a good game of poker, blackjack, gin rummy, (etc, etc.) now and again, so it’s an excellent way to waste some time and, for a moment, be on equal footing with just about anyone. That’s also why we believe playing cards are one of the staples of every man’s domicile. But why keep a boring basic deck in your arsenal when you can get your hands on something so much more well designed. Like these Dystopia playing cards from Joker and the Thief.

Intricately and painstakingly illustrated over the course of 12 months, these 52 gorgeous cards were designed as homage to Mad Max, muscle car culture, and the Australian film industry. The beautiful illustrations are unmistakable representations of the suits and face cards, but – upon closer inspection – one can see that each has been injected with a little bit of wasteland DNA. From the suicide king’s 6-shooter and steering wheel to the illuminated-manuscript style winged V8 on the back of every card, this might just be the most badass deck we’ve ever seen. And best of all, they’re printed right here in the USA. A retail price has yet to be announced, but you can back them on Kickstarter right now and get a deck starting at just $10. [Purchase]