Dyson’s Sunlight-Simulating Smart Lamp Was Made To Last 60+ Years

Since man first took refuge in caves as a way to shelter from the elements, the issue of illumination in dark settings has been a hurdle and is often executed with poor results. With the human experience at the forefront of every product they create, Dyson has tackled artificial lighting in a way only they could with the Lightcycle Morph lamp set, bringing a natural-feeling light indoors.

With the aim of providing a light source that appears as natural as the rising and setting sun, the Lightcycle Morph is programmed to modulate color temperature and brightness based on local daylight as read by their 32-bit microcontroller. Providing 4 different modes – indirect light, task light, feature light, and ambient light – the articulating head of the lamp rotates 360 degrees to provide pinpoint manipulation of the 3 warm and 3 soft colored LEDs for precise light delivery. Additional features include a USB-C charging port and a wake-up mode that gradually brightens the room in the morning, so whether you choose the floor or desk model, you can be sure to start your day peacefully and with a full charge.

Purchase: $650+