Dyson Lightcycle 60-Year Lamp

Dyson might be a world-renowned vacuum proprietor but that doesn’t mean they shy away from the interior design realm. In fact, their background in industrial design has helped them to advance their newest venture — an innovative, long-lasting lamp named the Lightcycle.

The Lightcycle takes everything that we love about a traditional lamp system and elaborates upon it — leaving us with a technologically advanced, modern-day version of the adaptable indoor light source. Intelligent LEDs adjust depending on the amount of ambient light in the room, while an age-adaptive system actuates based on the age of your eyes. If you’re doing something that requires more (or less) light, the Dyson Lightcycle will dim or brighten after determining what you’re doing — proving the perfect light source for reading, watching television, or using a smart device. What’s more, an innovative “heatpipe” technology keeps the lamp from getting too hot, allowing the bulb to last for over 60 years without a replacement.

Purchase: $600+