Dyson CSYS Task Light

Dyson is known for pushing the boundaries with their innovative design and technology, from vacuums to bladeless fans. Now they look to add efficient LED lights to the lineup with the release of the Dyson CSYS Task Light.

Typically LED light bulbs have a lifespan of 5-17 years, but this is Dyson we’re talking about here. Thanks its unique cooling system, the CSYS Task Light’s LED bulbs are able to last an astounding 37 years. The lamp has also been equipped with a 3-axis glide motion system that lets you move it vertically, horizontally, and rotationally 360 degrees with nothing more than a touch of your fingertip. The light sports a clean, modern design, and also features touch-sensitive, continuous dimming, complete with a memory function to keep your preferred lighting in tact every time you hit the power button. The task light retails for $649. [Purchase]