Dyson Updates Their Air Purifier Lineup To Deliver 50% Cleaner Air In Your Home

Dyson was already at the cutting edge of air purification technology with their stylish, almost magical line of air purifiers, but now the company has gone and made them considerably better with a 2021 update.

Dyson’s line of air purifiers has been reengineered to make them a whopping 50% more effective at cleaning the air. The way they managed this was by improving the sealing on the entire unit. Now, instead of simply the devices’ filters qualifying for the HEPA H13 standard, the entire machines meet the stringent criteria. Dyson has also managed to make the new air purifiers 20% quieter than before by acoustically engineering them to reduce turbulence. The devices can now be controlled with Google Home voice assistance to go along with their previous Siri and Alexa integration, and the purifiers are available in a number of stylish new finishes. Better and quieter performance, superior smart home integration, and more attractive looks make Dyson’s reinvigorated air purifier line an even more compelling buy than before — and they were already among the best air purifiers you could buy. Check out the updated air purifier line from Dyson with cooling, heating, and formaldehyde-destroying options all available now on the company’s website.

Purchase: $550+

Photo: Dyson