DynaFeed Smart Shirt

Whether it be a watch, a bike computer, or even a heart-rate monitor, we’re more or less resigned to the fact that if we want to track our fitness, we have to bring along something extra. FENC is trying to change that with their Smart Shirt.

This workout shirt is engineered to optimize your training in real time by both tracking your performance and providing feedback via a smartphone app. There are two ways that this shirt measures your performance. First, according to the team at FENC the shirt employs a breathable, comfortable fabric combined with an organic conductive polymer coating that directly measures the voltage potential of your heart-rate. In addition to this technology, the shirt features an integrated compression design that optimizes contact to record things like heart rate, energy output, and active time. As of right now, there is no word on when this shirt will hit the stores – but FENC’s website does provide a contact page for those interested.

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