DX-12 ‘Punisher’ Double-Barreled Shotgun-Pistol

All Photos: Ivan Santic

Coming straight from a dystopian sci-fi world where monsters roam the wastelands, this hand cannon is perfect for things that go bump in the night. From the imaginative mind of Ivan Santic comes the DX-12 Punisher double-barreled shotgun pistol concept.

Although this shotgun pistol concept looks cinematic, it also feels like it could be brought to life by Glock if they ever decide to delve into the shotgun category. There looks to be a sight for each barrel for this wide boomstick beast, making for a rather intimidating home defense shotgun. It seems to have compact 12 gauge slugs that should be made recoil friendly if this shotgun ever becomes a reality. Vitaly Bulgarov’s AR-15 Dex-stock slowly became a reality, so there is some hope for this two-punch beast. At the very least, it’s a design worthy of a first-person shooter. For now, we’ll just admire the Punisher’s design.

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