DV8 Sports Foldable Golf Clubs

Mobsters don’t usually have too much of a problem with stuffing dead bodies into the back of a trunk, but have you ever seen one loading in a set of golf clubs? Of course not. That’s too much work.

The guys at DV8 Sports want to simplify the life of the traveling golfer with their new foldable golf clubs. “Golf Without Obstacles” uses DV8’s patented coupler technology, which allows club heads to be interchanged on one or two custom shafts. It all fits neatly into a durable backpack, and club head changes are supposed to take less than 3 seconds with no tools required. You’re also saving your back from extra stress, as the whole set weighs less than 15 pounds and takes up one quarter the size of a traditional set of clubs. Of course DV8 says the clubs are standard size and will drive, chip and putt just like normal ones do. [Purchase]