Duo AI Smart Mirror

Straight from the movie screen and into your living room, the Duo AI Computer hides in plain sight as a 1.9mm thin mirror. That’s right, the device allows you the privilege of deciding upon the preferred watering hole for the evening and simultaneously checking yourself out before the night begins. It also functions as an all-purpose entertainment hub for your house as well.

With the Duo, controlling your home’s internal temperature, navigating the web, streaming music from your favorite playlist, even controlling the lights in your home, becomes a simple one-man (or rather machine) operation. Each device boasts a 27” HD 1080 display, is voice activated, and features five-point multi-touch technology. Also, with the help of “Albert” the AI assistant that lives inside the Duo, you can control practically any app with the sound of your voice. Download a myriad of apps from their store, stream music from Spotify, SoundCloud, and Youtube in one central library, and even personalize your Albert to tell jokes when you’re feeling blue. It’s all included and available now for preorder.

Purchase: $399