DUER Performance Shirts

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From the Vancouver-based apparel brand that specializes in performance-infused pants and denim comes a new line of high-performance shirts for the modern man. Dubbed The Best Do Anything/Wear Anywhere Performance Shirts, this collection looks to maintain DUER’s dedication to solving everyday problems in men’s clothing through providing viable options for the wardrobe.

Available in both a handsome button-down or as a more casual t-shirt, both the Performance 9-to-9 and the 24-hour shirt (respectively) are built with DUER’s proprietary fabric for ultimate comfort. For instance, the 9-to-9 features an incredible stretch – thanks to a blend of cotton, Coolmax and spandex – as well as premium moisture wicking and temperature regulating characteristics. Likewise, the 24 Hour T-Shirt boasts a blend of cotton, Lycra, and eucalyptus-derived Tencel in its construction – offering moisture management and odor control in addition to unparalleled comfort. Both shirts also host the patented DUER gusset, a headphone cable port for good measure, and are now available on Kickstarter for reservation in multiple colorways.

Purchase: $25+