Ducati Speedway Motorcycle By Wreckless

In the world of customized motos, speedway racers stand apart from the rest — a well-drawn mass of metal and outlandish fabrication techniques, odd angular metal, and uncanny proportions. But where the machines separate themselves from their brethren, they also find their own beautiful niche — a void which Wreckless Motorcycles’ Ducati-drawn “Speedway” fills perfectly.

This wondrous 450cc, SOHC bevel Ducati Desmo-powered cycle began its life as the passion project of Wreckless’ Richard Geall, who fell in love with the speedway-style during a visit to Denmark as a teenager. Many years later, the donor engine was found while sifting through a pile of discarded 1970s Ducati parts. After minor consultation with his partner, Iain, the pair decided to bring the vintage racer out of obscurity, and into the limelight. A recovered race frame and swingarm were found to match the engine and, sometime later, a rolling chassis was crafted to house the motor. A new Amal TT carb and sprocket works alongside the bike’s hand-crafted header, Stuha adjustable race suspension, and Renthal bars that were picked out from a donor KTM SX85. Custom built wheels adorn the front and rear of the bike — courtesy of SM Pro — while a pair of Marzocchi MOTO C2R rear shock units help to keep everything in line. The Speedway’s sleek bodywork and one-off seat are both hand-crafted — a visual adaptation referencing what it might have been like, had the fabled motorcycle brand ever felt the need to compete on the flat track.

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