Ducati Hypermotard By Walt Siegl

As a former Austrian road racer, Walt Siegl learned at a young age to appreciate the aesthetic and power of both racing and rally raid bikes. It’s apparent when investigating his quiver of builds over the years, including this aggressive Ducati Hypermotard he outfitted as a tribute to the brutal rally bikes of the Dakar Rally that’s been ongoing since the New Year.

With a limited budget, Walt managed to provide just the right amount of touch ups to the Hyper, bringing it into a new realm of brutality. He decided to keep the stock suspension, frame, swingarm and aluminum wheels, but hey it is a Ducati after all. Instead, Walt took his talents to the body of this thing. In fact, he built out an entirely new composite body for the bike, carving out the shapes himself from a seven-foot-long styrofoam block thanks to his own hot knife. The new fiberglass-wrapped body can be broken down into three pieces, is attached to the chassis, and takes just three minutes to remove. Nothing like convenience, looks, and power to round everything out.