Bringing Ducati’s Famous Design Terminology To An All-Electric Platform

As a large segment of the motorcycle industry turns its focus toward electric platforms, the responsibility has fallen upon the space’s leading manufacturers to stoke the flame for everyone else. While juggernauts like Harley Davidson, ZERO, and Fuell have been hard at work building their own innovative variants, Ducati has finally announced that they’ll be joining the fray.

While there aren’t any details surrounding the release of the upcoming Ducati model, the wizards at Aritra Das Designs have created the Elettrico — a sleek, sumptuous superbike that borrows from the manufacturer’s most prevalent design terminologies. Much like the brand’s Panigale, the Elettrico boasts a sculpted architecture that looks as aerodynamic as they come, alongside Ducati’s trademark front fairing and sharp rear. Brilliant red paint and full-body plastics hide the bike’s drive system from view, giving the exterior of the cycle a very clean aesthetic. If the company’s older models are anything to go by, the sporty looking Elettrico will also feature a slew of performance-oriented parts, including carbon peripherals, Brembo brakes and calipers, and a track-oriented monoshock that’s been tuned to keep you grounded while under acceleration.

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