Earle’s Ducati Alaskan Junior Is A Minimalistic Desert Scrambler

Ducati has no shortage of off-road-ready cycles at their disposal, and one of the company’s most prominent examples, the Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled, has arrested the moto community with its dirt-defined prowess. Following the popular Alaskan build (which pushed the boundaries of the platform, last year), Los Angeles-based builder Alex Earle has decided to channel Ducati’s prestigious catalog once again for his most recent effort, the Alaskan Junior.

The Alaskan Junior is an aptly named cycle that plays off the strengths of its larger predecessor — adopting the same design principle, neo-futuristic silhouette, and powertrain as the original Alaskan. Citing the need for a cycle that wasn’t as over-the-top as their most recent adventurer, Alex and his team at Earle Motors took to the drawing board — reinventing the cumbersome platform into an agile, stripped-down desert brawler. The centerpiece of the build is a set of swingarm extenders that allow for the implementation of true off-road wheels and tires, giving riders access to well-defined Pirelli Scorpion XC rubber and performance-oriented Ducati hubs. If you’re looking to outfit your own Desert Sled with Earle’s refined parts, head to the company’s website for more information.

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