Ducati 90 Years

It is easy to understand why people love reading about iconic companies. They can seem larger than life – seamless, and even effortless – but on closer inspection it becomes clear they’re the result of nothing but years of hard work. There is something compelling about that discrepancy, especially when you can find it in a company like Ducati Motorcycles. This is a large part of why Stile Ducati is such a compelling book – it takes you on a visual journey of the 90 year history of one of the most iconic motorcycle makers out there.

Founded in 1926, the Italian motorcycle company was helmed by just three brothers – Adriano, Bruno, and Marcello. The trio, along with the help of their father grew the tiny company from a small dark shop in Bologna during the mid 1920s to a gigantic 1,200 person team just a decade later. A dominant reason for why the company grew so quickly and managed to stick around for nearly 100 years is because of how striking and well preforming their motorcycles are. This book takes you from the humble origins to the triumphant present of the company in 240 pages. Prices start at $90. [Purchase]