CRM Turns Ducati’s 750SS Into A Space-Age-Themed All-Alloy Moto Masterpiece

The term “custom motorcycle” encompasses a diverse array of project types. Some people will toss on a few aftermarket bolt-on parts, treat the thing to a paint job, and call it a day. At the opposite end of the bespoke bike spectrum, you have individuals like Cedric Trenquir — a prodigious French metalworker and the proprietor of Cevennes Retro Motors — who roll up their sleeves and bite off hugely ambitious projects that take the full-custom route, retaining the engine and building the rest of the machine from the ground up from scratch.

Most recently, CRM set its sights on Ducati’s three-quarter-liter 750SS, tearing down the Italian L-Twin and piecing it back together around a custom chassis with a unique structural layout that’s been specially designed to support the build’s insanely-elaborate polished aluminum alloy bodywork. This consists of a space-age themed, horizontally-finned single-piece tank and tail combo, and a matching streamlined half fairing and waspish tail section. A belly-pan also caps off the bottom of the bike, while polished engine covers further the all-alloy-clad aesthetic. Much of the running gear keeps things in the Ducati family, too, with wheels plucked from a 1098 superbike, and a thoroughly-polished single-sided swing-arm off a Monster S4R.

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