Dubs Acoustic Filters

Sep 27, 2014

Category: Tech

Ear plugs have been around for as long as we can remember, and it’s probably the last place we’d look to innovate, but that didn’t stop a team of acoustic engineers and designers from developing the most high-tech ear plugs known to man. Say hello to to the Dubs Acoustic Filters.

These things are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they help you go louder, longer – and that’s always a good thing. Reducing general volume by an average of 12 decibels, Dubs are pre-tuned to target specific frequencies. This means the completely mechanical Dubs reduce volume without sacrificing clarity. So when you attend that local Foo Fighters concert, not only will your ears not be ringing for the ensuing week, but you’ll actually be able to understand the lyrics. These plugs sit in the ear, and aren’t visible when you’re facing the wearer head-on, and come in several different color options. The Dubs are available now for $25. [Purchase]

Dubs Acoustic Filters 2

Dubs Acoustic Filters 3

Dubs Acoustic Filters 4

Dubs Acoustic Filters 5

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