DTEN’s ‘ME’ Is The First Zoom-Certified & -Integrated All-In-One Display Tablet

Social distancing has forced many a company to transition into a remote work environment, but not everyone is prepared for a life away from the office. For many, the greatest bar for entry comes in the acquisition of a capable workstation, allowing them to complete their tasks in a timely manner, participate in important meetings and presentations, and optimize their daily workflow. To make that transition easier, DTEN has revealed the ‘ME’ — a performance-focused monitor that provides its user with dedicated Zoom integration.

Developed in collaboration with the world’s foremost remote conferencing suite, DTEN’s Zoom-approved display is the industry’s first Zoom for Home-certified device, meaning that it’s been built with the trials and tribulations of remote work in mind. Each ME monitor measures 27 inches from corner to corner, and features an intuitive touchscreen interface for easy presentation, an eight-speaker layout for professional audio reproduction, and three different webcams, allowing you to utilize the device in a variety of different orientations. To enhance its professional demeanor, the ME will also integrate with different calendar software, ensuring that you’re always up-to-date on deadlines, projects, and upcoming meetings. Head to DTEN’s website to pick up your own work-from-home companion for $600.

Purchase: $600