DSPTCH Unveils A Durable Ripstop Magnetic Quick-Release Filter Mask

With much of the world in disarray over recent events, it’s become increasingly clear that preemptive health measures like facemasks and sanitation practices are here to stay; possibly for good. Instead of donning one of the market’s cheaply-made variants, opt instead for DSPTCH’s premium example — a well-designed mask that holds true to the company’s utilitarian design principle.

The DSPTCH Face Mask is a durable, dependable accessory that will give you peace of mind as you begin to reintegrate with society. Each offering is crafted from reinforced cotton ripstop, lined with cotton muslin fabric, and features a proprietary elastic band for tightening, complementing its adjustable nylon webbing. Almost every piece of the mask is removable, allowing you to sanitize or wash, depending on your specific needs. And if you’re looking to utilize even more breathable protection via a DIY or medically-approved air filter, there’s even a hidden pocket between two separate layers of the mask’s fabric, allowing you to insert your own filter. Head to DSPTCH’s website to pick up one of your own for $36.

Purchase: $36