Strap In With DSPTCH’s Secure Magnetic Fidlock Apple Watch Band

San Franciso-based DSPTCH is an expert when it comes to striking a balance between a minimalist design aesthetic and a durable, functionally-forward product. From their very first camera strap to today’s current crop of MIL-SPEC goods, they always manage to deliver some of the industry’s best gear, finding room for improvement where you’d least expect it. But that’s where the crux of their genius lies — in constant, incremental innovation.

As one of their latest offerings, the Apple Fidlock Watch Strap proves no different. It takes the humble watch band and adds to it the convenience and security of a magnetic Fidlock Hook 20 Flat buckle. For those of you who haven’t used one of these pieces of hardware — they’re the best it gets when it comes to ease of attachment and detachment and they’re secure as all get-out otherwise. Additionally, with its 3/4″ herringbone nylon webbing construction, the DSPTCH Apple Fidlock Watch Strap is as soft on the wrist as it is durable. Available in six different colors, in both 40mm and 44mm sizes, and as pieces or a set, you can customize the strap to your heart’s delight. Grab yours today for $36.

Purchase: $36