Dry Ager DX 1000 Meat Fridge

In the days before refrigeration, there was only one way to save meat for any extended length of time – by curing and aging it. Not only did it ensure that parasites would stay far away, but it also opened the door to a whole world of flavor profiles unheard of in fire-cooked meat. Though most people today just keep their beef cuts in a regular fridge, there are still those of us who appreciate the versatility and uniqueness of cured meats. And it’s for these folks that Germany-based brand Dry Ager has made their DX 1000 Meat Fridge.

Designed for either commercial or home applications, this stainless steel appliance is designed specifically to store and age beef, pork, ham, and salami for your eating pleasure. It also works wonderfully for cheese – if you happen to be a fan of charcuterie. The state-of-the-art-device can store up to 100 kilograms (about 220 pounds) of meat and even has a tinted glass door so you can watch it slowly work its magic. The brand also offers a much smaller 20kg (44lbs) version at a lower cost. They retail for around $4,545 and $3,067, respectively.

Purchase: $3,067+