Disable Rogue Drones At 500m With This Compact RF Gun

For literal years now, the folks at DroneShield have been refining their anti-drone countermeasures — resulting in several different versions of their flagship DroneGun. Now, they’ve unveiled the third iteration, the DroneGun MKIII, that’s more compact and portable than ever.

Utilizing the brand’s non-lethal RF technology, this handheld device can knock a quadcopter out of the sky at up to 500 meters away — courtesy of its NATO-standard lithium-ion battery pack. The device can go from a cold startup to full effectiveness in under three seconds, with enough power for a solid hour (or more) of straight operation — including the ability to knock out video feeds and GPS navigation — or 8+ hours of standby. It’s also weatherproof and debris-resistant, with an IP55 rating, and works in an extreme temperature range of -4ºF to +131ºF. Not bad for a device that’s small enough to fit into a briefcase. Unfortunately, the DroneGun is still only for official military usage.

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