Dreamwave Survivor Bluetooth Speaker

If you are going to be going through the trouble of lugging around a hefty boombox, then you may as well try to find one that can do a little more than just play music. At least that is the way the folks at Dreamwave see it. Their new Bluetooth speaker, The Survivor, can play high fidelity music, jumpstart a car, and light up the dark with its built in flashlight.

First and foremost, the Bluetooth 2.0 capable Survivor boasts a great tonal range with its tweeters, mids, and bass speakers. With a battery capacity at 1200mAh, you are good to play music anywhere for up to 14 hours long – even hanging out poolside seeing that this thing boasts an IPX5 rating against water, dust, sand, and snow. If you are in a tight spot – this thing is also designed to help you get going again with its 400A car battery jump starter that is strong enough to get a 7-liter V8 engine going again. If you’re out too late enjoying your tunes, the built-in 110-lumen flashlight is prefect for helping you find your way home safely, and even comes with a nifty SOS function. Pick one up for yourself for $280. [Purchase]

Dreamwave Survivor Bluetooth Speaker 01

Dreamwave Survivor Bluetooth Speaker 02

Dreamwave Survivor Bluetooth Speaker 03