Dreamcade Replay Universal Retro Console

There’s been a huge explosion of retro gaming consoles over the last few years, but most of them only offer the ability to play a few different games from select consoles or require you to own a bunch of old cartridges. One Dreamcade Replay console, however, is capable of playing literally tens of thousands of games on its own without all the trappings.

A truly incredibly gaming machine, the Replay works like this: it is preloaded with over 100 classic games – from Asteroids to Tempest – with access to even more thanks to Dream Arcade’s inclusion of dozens of onboard emulators (software that mimics other consoles) and a safe-search database with access to a veritable legion of virus-free titles. In fact, it also works with other platforms – like the wildly popular Steam gaming streaming service, Hulu, Netflix, etc. – and comes with the brand’s Cartridge Analysis & Recognition Tool (CART) system by which you snap a photo of an old game and it will automatically upload it to the system. It also features HD connectivity, works with almost any Bluetooth or PC gamepad, and is offered on Kickstarter right now for as low as $99, but will retail for $120.

Kickstarter: $99+