The 1,200HP Drako GTE Is The World’s Most Powerful Grand Tourer

The implementation of electric drivetrains has done more than redefine the automotive industry, as a whole; it’s shed a dramatic spotlight on how, and where, vehicles will improve upon the shortcomings of the internal combustion engine. To further solidify the world’s belief in progressive, all-electric platforms, Drako Motors has revealed the GTE — the “most powerful GT car ever made.”

After making a claim like that, most industry veterans would pass this off as yet another baseless marketing stunt. However, the GTE is the real deal. It utilizes a rather complex architecture and relies on a quad electric motor to produce otherworldy performance figures, boasting a 1,200-horsepower baseline, and 6,491 lb-ft of torque. The vehicle’s top speed of 206 miles-per-hour is achieved within seconds, thanks to the GTE’s adaptive torque vectoring algorithms and direct-drive gearboxes, which allow complementary forces to be administered to specific wheels, at different times. To keep these chaotic figures from running rampant, the company has also introduced Quattro Manettino — a system that influences the vehicle’s output through torque-vectoring levels, power distribution settings, and regenerative braking. You can pre-order the Drako Motors GTE for $1,250,000, right now, with initial deliveries expected to be made sometime in 2020.

Purchase: $1,250,000