This World-Class ‘Panama Geisha’ Coffee Costs $200 Per Pound

Nestled in the Volcan Baru National Park in Panama’s Western Highlands, the Elida Estate is a world-renowned coffee farm that’s been worked by the Lamastus family for four generations going back to 1918. Back in July, the Elida Estate set a new world record for the most expensive coffee ever sold at auction, fetching some $1,029 per pound. The family’s world-class coffee is now being offered by Boulder, Colorado’s Dragonfly Coffee Roasters, who just introduced a trio of new ‘Panama Geisha: Elida Estate Green Tip’ whole beans.

Sold for an eye-brow-raising $100 per 8oz bag, the elite shade-grown, light-roast, whole beans are offered in three versions that each use different processing techniques; Green Tip Fully-Washed (wet process); Green Tip Traditional Natural (dry process); and Green Tip ASD (Anaerobic Slow Dry process). Dragonfly hasn’t revealed production output numbers, but it’s safe to say the three Green Tips are available in fairly minute numbers. Despite selling for $200-a-pound, these exclusive beans are expected to go quick, as the highly-esteemed coffee house has an impressive reputation thanks to being crowned Roast Magazine’s 2019 Microroaster of the Year, and for earning the highest score ever given by Coffee Review with a 98/100. If you’re looking for an exceptional cup of Joe, look no further — just be sure to act fast.

Purchase: $100